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STOKES & GLASS, PLLC is a law firm located in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee in the White Station Tower also known as the I-Bank building. Our firm's goal is to be an accessible and affordable advocates in Court. We desire to evolve the practice of law with the rapid growth of technology. Visit our practice areas page for a list of our services.

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1) Will I lose my money or property?

Many people think that they will lose their property if they file for bankruptcy. THAT IS NOT TRUE! Bankruptcy can stop repossession, foreclosure, garnishment, and bank levies. Most of our clients do not lose any property through the bankruptcy process! Many times you can file to reaffirm your debts or redeem your debts in a Chapter 7 case. Good bankruptcy lawyers will protect your assets and discuss how to accomplish your financial goals before filing your case. Our office does NOT file any cases without describing exactly how it will affect your property!

2) What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is “straight bankruptcy”. You do NOT pay your debts except your car or your house if you want to keep them. You must be current on your secured debt to keep them. You must qualify to file Chapter 7 and our office will perform a “means test” or an income test to make sure you qualify. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often the best option for a financial fresh start.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is “wage earner” or a payment plan. Chapter 13 is designed to save property that you are behind on including houses and cars. Chapter 13 can also get your driver’s license back for unpaid court fines or child support arrears. Chapter 13 is a court-approved reorganization of your debts into one simple payment plan through a Chapter 13 Trustee. Your payments can come directly out of your paycheck. Chapter 13 provides many individuals more time and better options to handle their debts.

Can I put payday loans under bankruptcy?

YES! All debts that you owe must be included in your petition for bankruptcy and all creditors are treated the same. Once you file for bankruptcy, personal loans and payday loans are included just like any other debts.

4) Does bankruptcy stop criminal cases against me?

No. Filing for bankruptcy does not affect criminal cases. HOWEVER, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop courts from holding you in contempt for failure to pay as the court directed. These are usually child support orders and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop you from Shelby County Juvenile Court holding you in contempt for child support.

5) Will I ever be able to buy anything after bankruptcy?

Of course! This is the question most people have incorrect information about. Back in the 1980s, when consumer credit was given through the banks, bankruptcy could haunt your credit for years. THIS IS NOT TRUE ANYMORE! Bankruptcy does stay on your credit reports for 8 years after the last date of activity. However, it does not stop you from obtaining credit. You can buy a home, car, or furniture after bankruptcy. There are mortgage companies and auto finance companies that have specific plans for individuals with bankruptcy on their credit reports. Many of my clients see their credit scores INCREASE after their bankruptcy is complete! This is because your DEBT TO INCOME ratio decreases dramatically. Less collectable debts on your credit report = better credit scores.

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Chapter 7, 11, and 13
If you are having financial difficulty, let one of our experienced attorneys discuss the many options that are available to you. We offer Chapter 7 bankruptcy services for those that qualify and Chapter 13/Wage Earner payment plans. We STOP foreclosures, repossessions, garnishments, evictions, and collection calls! We can also help get your driver's license back for court fines or unpaid child support. Keep your utilities on or get new utilities even if you have a high balance. Take back control of your money today!
The decision to file bankruptcy is stressful. Harassing phone calls, collection letters, threats of garnishment, foreclosure, or eviction can affect your daily life and your ability to pay your monthly expenses. Don’t let creditors tell you what to do with your finances, take back control today!

Child Support

Child Support Establishment, Modification (Increase or Decrease), Contempt, Termination Establishment/Disestablishment of Paternity

Often times non-custodial parents make a huge mistake when they choose to represent themselves in child support hearings and they are unaware of the laws and how the lack of evidence and lack of preparation can negatively affect the outcome of their child support case.

Tennessee adopted the income shares model and child support is based upon the income of both parents with many other factors being considered such as childcare, health insurance, reoccurring medical costs and extraordinary expenses. Our firm is experienced in all areas of child support from the magistrate level to the appellate courts.

Personal Injury & Auto Accidents

Let us help you get the settlement you deserve
We all know someone who has been seriously injured in a car wreck. When you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, you deserve to be compensated for your claim. Most people cannot immediately go back to work and are have trouble paying their current bills. Don't let medical bills pile up without getting an experienced lawyer to fight for your rights against the insurance company. Our attorneys will make sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries. We offer FREE consultations and are available at any of our locations to serve you better.


Contested or Uncontested

A substantial number of marriages do not work out, but for many different reasons. We often find that the everyday working person just cannot afford the legal fees that most attorneys charge and that most people need an affordable option when they decide to file a divorce.

We are skilled divorce trial attorneys having a reputation of being great advocates and receiving winning results. We are affordable! Our uncontested divorce retainers start as low as $400 (with no chidren) & $500 (with children) and our contested divorce retainers start at $750. Some services may be paid in installments and payment plans are also available.